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Things for Today..

I am grateful for the following:

1. My child.

2. My companions ~ friends, family, and otherwise.

3. My serpent friends.

4. My avian friends.

5. My life.

6. My work.

7. For the continual process of shedding/rebirth.


Today I am thankful for these things, as well as for my Liberator. For all of the mistakes I`ve made (believe me, I have made some really interesting ones), and for all that I gained and learned from them. I`m thankful for new chances in life, for all of the emotions that I feel, the ability *to* feel and feel intensely, and for the simple fact of being a human being.

I have learned so much from him, and especially in the form of my serpent companions. The process of shedding is always uncomfortable, and you`re always trying to 'get the dead weight/skin off'. But once that is complete, you are young, new, and bear little to no sign of the past.

I`m grateful that I learn from Dionysos how to change, shed, and transmute. I am grateful for this, because it allowed me to transcend and walk beyond ~ consciously as well as unconsciously ~ a lot of pain and truly messed up situations in my lifetime. It allowed me not to see what was 'messed up' but what was beneath it, waiting to come out of the skin. The things beneath changed everything.

I`m grateful also that he doesn`t just let you 'sit on your ass' about things. That he steadily forces you to face, to acknowledge, and to come to grips with the things. You begin to understand and grasp the 'how and why' of it all ~ to see it with the masks stripped away. Sometimes the simplicity of it is almost funny, and othertimes, it`s pretty damned profound.

When something in your life is ripped away, it isn`t a *bad* thing. It`s actually a *good* thing that you just can`t see yet. But once the mask you`re attached to is gone, you`ll see why it is gone. And you`ll be thankful.

I`m grateful for the things that have gone. I`m thankful for the things that have risen to take their places. I`m grateful for lessons learned, emotions that are being explored, and for finally learning to love, accept, and cease resisting, change. Learning how to swallow, and embrace the random.

I thank him for continuing to walk alongside me, and ask today for one thing: That while I am shedding this skin, and discovering myself ~ kind of meeting and beginning to know myself in a lot of ways for the very first time ~ that He might help me to complete my cycle of transmutation. Of letting go in completeness.

I genuinely *like* who I am discovering in my skin, and I *like* the vast amount of change that is taking place here.

And I`m thankful for the thorns dealt me, because without them I might not have been moved to look. Mistakes are gifts in disguise, because they spark change, which leads to growth and evolution.

I`m definately keeping the change, and the gratitude. But I won`t be keeping the old skin, or the thorns that were stuck inside of it ~ even if I *am* glad that I was able to feel and be connected enough *to* have been lacerated to begin with.

Thank you, Dionysos for helping me to realise my dreams. And for taking away what no longer needed to be so that I *could* follow them. And thank you also for replacing the spaces with people and situations that were so much better for me in the end.

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