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After 10 years of production, Join My Cult has finally been released
through New Falcon Press... Check this one out if you haven't already.

'Geomatrically enhanced' press release:

Memetic monstrosity James Curcio, a self-proclaimed 'Auricular
Sigilization Specialist' from the now defunct L.A. based rock act
Babalon , Simulacra Engineer nproficient in the composition of Artificial Astral Enviornments, makes his presence known freesmithing Lexically Idiotheosized Enantiodromian Semantics with a debut potboiler entitled Join My Cult! released through New Falcon Publications an Arizona based counter-culture copyhouse which also distributes the writings of Dr. Christopher S. Hyatt, Timothy Leary, and of course the now very dead Aliester Crowley.

The October 23rd 2004 Viral Introduction of Teleological
Reality-Inimical Ortholexic Logoplasms will also set into motion a
parallel campaign of unrelenting paradigmatic contamination of the
psyber-chaosecular public sector backed by such guerilla ontologists as
the M.H.B., the O.H.P., and the Z(enseider)Z
whose entourage typically consists of a few dozen Azpirants,
Neoseiderz, and Grope-e'z who're fooly capable of demolishing the
consensual belief structure and exhausting the insatiable urge for
libidnal discharge out of every teen, twenty-something, and aging
soccer-milf within a given six-block radius. This project will develop through the novel's associated website slash e-mail list, and the much anticipated v2.0 launch of the
site which will include character blogs, a full storefront, etc. These also arrive just as New Falcon launches their multimedia adjunct, Digital Falcon.

Join My Cult! details the subtle and the dense aetheric narratives
resonating from a psycho-connective series of hallucinitiatory
undertaken by a loose gaggle of Theriomorphs-In-Training who
somehow manage to find themselves simultaneously fascinated and
repulsed by the seemingly inescapeable cultural inertia which spreads
across the ever-franchizing McMansion sprawls of Suburban America.
Their shared impulse for societal anathema compels them to form an
unspoken pact dedicated to exploration of the Western Esoteric
Anti-logos of Knowledge as well as experimentation with Sexual Taboo
Dissolution, Nothing but Raw Gnosis, Inebriated Transubstantiation,
and Straight Learning to Use Tricks or what hustler Robert Beck (aka
Iceberg Slim) describes as "acquaintin' your foot with a bitch's ass".

Although James Curcio receives credit as the primary author, a diverse
cluster of Zeetropian Neo-Luddites actually wrote and compiled this
text in the fashion of a tree-spiker's birling with Curcio ontop where
he belongs as the head of Join My Cult!'s militant culture-jamming
Voltron. The co-conspirators, collaborators, and black-market
investors of this text, adhere to the belief that this project does
not, in any way shape or form, represent a work of fiction. In fact
many of the authors also star as characters within the book... and will be
developing ongoing blogs in the upcoming 2nd version of the JMC! website.

Join My Cult! testimonials:

"Did I read Join My Cult? Or was it just a strange and wonderful
dream? James Curcio has created a lunatic narrative that haunts and
teases with the promise of revelations to come. Open this book only if
you are prepared for a reality-wrenching journey into the secrets of
the Invisible Masters."
--- Philip H. Farber, author of FutureRitual: Magick for the 21st Century

"Join My Cult! reads like a stroboscopic MTV docu-drama of Ulysses and
--- Peter Carroll, author of PsyberMagick, Liber Null & Psychonaut and
Liber Kaos: The Psychonomicon

"James Curcio has one hand on Pandora's box and the key to open it in
the other. Join My Cult is an invitation to chaos, treading the thinly
veiled landscape between madness and genius. Once you make the trip,
there is no turning back."
--- Devon White, certified hypnotist and founder of Synergy Media
Network & LIAR magazine

"If you don't buy this book you probably won't have sex ever again"
--- eianorange, co-founder of the Z(enseider)Z and webmaster for the
z0s collective

About the Author:

When James Curcio (a.k.a. Agent139) isn't blatantly propositioning
underage goth chicks at fast food joints, an activity which he alternately
passes off either as "memetic influence" or "PR work," he poses as the
creative director of a number of media companies and projects. He is
currently working on developing Fas Ferox, a multimedia graphic novel
project with a team of artists including creative consultant multi-award
winning novelist Neil Gaiman. He resides in Upstate New York when he
isn't traveling.
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