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Ivy plants 
06:45am 20/08/2008
  The idea has recently come to mind to keep an ivy plant for Dionysus, but there's one thing that I can't figure out...are there any species that are safe for cats? I've been looking over this online and I find conflicting information, some sites say that all species are toxic to cats, others say that there are a few specific species that are okay.

Does anyone know the answer to this? Does anyone keep an ivy plant and cats under the same roof? I live in a 4th-floor apartment with no external window sills, so I can't just get one and keep it outside (my cats are indoor cats)
An Introduction 
12:52pm 29/09/2006
  Hi. This community looks interesting so I joined it today.

I'm Adam. I've many interests. Come talk if you wish to.
Culture Hacking (on Gpod) 
08:17pm 12/07/2006

Selections of the following document have been published in part in a variety of locations, including Disinfo’s Generation Hex, the Lemon Puppy quarterly, Konton Magazine, TOPY broadcast #10, and the upcoming Immanion Press anthology Magick on the Edge. However I haven’t presented them together before, because they are a work in project. The present draft is mainly being ‘leaked’ for feedback, and because this project wasn’t undertaken with financial profit as a goal.

New Dionysos group forming! 
08:53am 04/08/2005
  Due to the closing of Thiasos Dionysos, I've started a new group:


The URL will be different once we have a group name, and I'll be posting that here too once it happens. If you sign up now versus later, you'll be able to take part in some crucial decisions that will help to be the foundation.

We plan so far to have the following:

1) Weekly discussion topics on the god

2) Online and offline study and worship of the god

3) Local area groups--so far there is one in the process of forming in the Boston area

Also I want to thank the owners of Thiasos Dionysos for their support of the god in our community, and hope that I can carry on their spirit in this new group.
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Thiasos Dionysos 
09:27pm 08/03/2005

Thiasos Dionysos has changed hosting and locations. Please update your information and links!


In His Name,

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Things for Today.. 
02:49am 06/03/2005

I am grateful for the following:

1. My child.

2. My companions ~ friends, family, and otherwise.

3. My serpent friends.

4. My avian friends.

5. My life.

6. My work.

7. For the continual process of shedding/rebirth.


Today I am thankful for these things, as well as for my Liberator. For all of the mistakes I`ve made (believe me, I have made some really interesting ones), and for all that I gained and learned from them. I`m thankful for new chances in life, for all of the emotions that I feel, the ability *to* feel and feel intensely, and for the simple fact of being a human being.

I have learned so much from him, and especially in the form of my serpent companions. The process of shedding is always uncomfortable, and you`re always trying to 'get the dead weight/skin off'. But once that is complete, you are young, new, and bear little to no sign of the past.

I`m grateful that I learn from Dionysos how to change, shed, and transmute. I am grateful for this, because it allowed me to transcend and walk beyond ~ consciously as well as unconsciously ~ a lot of pain and truly messed up situations in my lifetime. It allowed me not to see what was 'messed up' but what was beneath it, waiting to come out of the skin. The things beneath changed everything.

I`m grateful also that he doesn`t just let you 'sit on your ass' about things. That he steadily forces you to face, to acknowledge, and to come to grips with the things. You begin to understand and grasp the 'how and why' of it all ~ to see it with the masks stripped away. Sometimes the simplicity of it is almost funny, and othertimes, it`s pretty damned profound.

When something in your life is ripped away, it isn`t a *bad* thing. It`s actually a *good* thing that you just can`t see yet. But once the mask you`re attached to is gone, you`ll see why it is gone. And you`ll be thankful.

I`m grateful for the things that have gone. I`m thankful for the things that have risen to take their places. I`m grateful for lessons learned, emotions that are being explored, and for finally learning to love, accept, and cease resisting, change. Learning how to swallow, and embrace the random.

I thank him for continuing to walk alongside me, and ask today for one thing: That while I am shedding this skin, and discovering myself ~ kind of meeting and beginning to know myself in a lot of ways for the very first time ~ that He might help me to complete my cycle of transmutation. Of letting go in completeness.

I genuinely *like* who I am discovering in my skin, and I *like* the vast amount of change that is taking place here.

And I`m thankful for the thorns dealt me, because without them I might not have been moved to look. Mistakes are gifts in disguise, because they spark change, which leads to growth and evolution.

I`m definately keeping the change, and the gratitude. But I won`t be keeping the old skin, or the thorns that were stuck inside of it ~ even if I *am* glad that I was able to feel and be connected enough *to* have been lacerated to begin with.

Thank you, Dionysos for helping me to realise my dreams. And for taking away what no longer needed to be so that I *could* follow them. And thank you also for replacing the spaces with people and situations that were so much better for me in the end.

time for this to live on someone else's altar 
05:31pm 25/01/2005
  I did this painting, I love it, I've shared it, and it is time for it to go live with someone else so I may paint another.

Cut, to be work safe.Collapse )
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Altar Dionysos: Winter Solstice 
06:56am 13/01/2005
Hellenic Pagan Directory 
02:23pm 30/12/2004
  A new Hellenic Pagan Directory has been launched!

Thiasos Dionysos online! 
01:10pm 28/12/2004
  Thiasos Dionysos is now holding classes and getting together online in order to promote the worship of Dionysos and his Mysteries.

You can learn more here:

New Hellenismos primer! 
01:42pm 13/12/2004
  If you've been looking for a good intro to Hellenismos, I believe this is it, written by Oenochoe:

KHARIS: Hellenic Polytheism Explored

Please see the website for a description, table of contents, and the link to buy it.


The list price is $14.99 plus shipping.
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02:15pm 28/11/2004
  I got inspired by all the other Thiasos groups on Yahoo! and started this one for those of us dedicated to Hekate or studying her with special dedication. Click below to join.

Click here to join thiasos_hekate

Click to join thiasos_hekate

+ posted in other Hellenic communities
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04:32am 28/11/2004
  As a side note, the upcoming plot outline for the follow up to JMC! is loosely structured around The Bacchae. I'd actually be interested in good links and reference materials that might help enrich that research before I begin the actual writing...  
04:29am 28/11/2004

After 10 years of production, Join My Cult has finally been released
through New Falcon Press... Check this one out if you haven't already.

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I'm sorry, but I don't see your gods on the "approrved" list... 
12:45am 21/11/2004
mood: annoyed
Would you believe that modern Pagan followers of the Greek gods face discrimination... in Greece?

Basically, Greece has a few laws that add up to requiring any religious establishment that is not Greek Orthodox Christianity to get approval from the government before it can be legally practiced. Judaism, Islam, and other Christian denominations have little problem with these laws, but others, including the native Greek revival of the Olympic religion, have far more trouble.

There's an article on it here.
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Persistence pays off! 
10:53pm 10/11/2004
mood: thrilled
Many thanks and much gratitude are due for Dionysos from me. It's my final semester as an undergraduate, and my proposal was just accepted to direct a one-act play at my university :-D I need to come up with something really special for him. Maybe this is repayment for all the work I recently did dramaturging our university's production of Mary Zimmerman's adaptation of Metamorphoses.

I'm beyond ecstatic at the moment and rejoicing much :-DDD
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New links 
08:12am 24/09/2004
  There are some new links in the Dionysian communities:

and emailing lists:
Marked from birth? 
02:27am 15/09/2004
  I have seen on a few websites that October 3 is a festival day for Dionysos. Is there any evidence for this? October 3 is my birthday, so naturally I am curious.

As a child I would gather pine cones from the evergreens. I would have rather had a pine cone than a flower.

I have a flame tattooed on my left thigh.
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I found this an appropriate offering - Taken from my personal journal. 
02:33am 28/08/2004
mood: thankful
"Candles raise my desire.
Why I`m so far away.
No more meaning to my life.
No more reason to stay.

Freezing feeling.
Breathe in - Breathe in.
I`m coming back again.

I`m not the one who`s so far away -
When I feel the snake bite enter my veins.
Never did I wanna be here again -
And I don`t remember why I came.

Hazing clouds rain on my head.
Empty thoughts fill my ears.
Find my shade by the moonlight -
Why my thoughts aren`t so clear.

Demons dreaming.
Breathe in - Breathe in.
I`m coming back again.

I`m not the one who`s so far away -
When I feel the snake bite enter my veins.
Never did I wanna be here again -
And I don`t remember why I came.

Voodoo - Voodoo.

I`m not the one who`s so far away.."
~Godsmack, "Voodoo"


Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

I rest happily within the palms of your hands, or curled up at your feet. In place of my fear - I watch it disintegrating, withering away to ashes at my feet where it once barred my vision - I have instead found the strength and courage to challenge it, the fortitude to endure its destructive whirlwinds as I broke it apart in my hands, and greater freedom on the other side of its demise.

It hurt like hell for a long time, but when I see the rhyme to the madness now, I`m awed by its beauty.

It reminds me of the snake at feeding time. Only we are the rodent. The jaws lock about the neck, or the scales wrap around us - and slice off our oxygen supply. Initially it is uncomfortable, perhaps even painful in the latter case. Resistent to change, and afraid, we struggle. The more we struggle, the tighter the constricting, the tighter the grasp of the jaws. It is our instinct to resist change, the death of things. But if we were to simply relax, and let go, stop our struggle against what we cannot alter by way of Him, the experience would be much quicker, much less painful. When we release for Him, he swallows us whole - and he will do so, no matter if we fight him and suffer more for doing so, or relent to him and find the new experience. The experience that comes after the pain, the fear of the unknown, the blackened inner tunnels come to view - the experience of being one with him. Being taken inside of him, and joined together as one. He will work over us, ripping out what is not needed, not necessary - and like the unneeded portions of a serpent`s dinner - he will spit these things out of himself - and keep what remains of us within him. Once you are inside - you will never wander outside of him again.

Beautiful, fearsome, potentially deadly, and yet wholly natural, unbound, and merciful - he is the tunnel that we travel along once we release our struggle and are consumed.

Thank you for this experience!

~Walk in Love!
Beliefnet article 
09:05am 16/08/2004
  Great article on the main page of Beliefnet discussing reconstructionist religions--mostly focusing on ours due to the Olympics: